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Be Positive by CuteFlare


Flare | female | 21 | 1st of January (1996) | single (and straight if you really want to know x3)

Hiz and welcome on my page!
I am Flare and I am 21-year-old girl (or woman, however floats your boat) from Finland!:meow: I am self-taught on both animating and drawing~
I am an artist who mainly draws around here on DeviantArt and on YouTube animating is my main focus. I am an university student who is currently studying on Graphical designing~

As you can see, I am a huge cat-lover and most of my art and animations include them! But that doesn't mean I wouldn't time by time post something else than that but those are often commissions :D

I am fan of Pokémon and Warrior cats which is mainly the only fandoms I am in~

I mainly draw OC (Original Character) stuff but that doesn't mean I wouldn't sometimes do some cannon fanart as well! But I must say straight away that fanart is not my gallery's main focus so don't expect me to do it much :XD:

Feel free to send me a note or a comment!
I love to chat and have conversations~
With a high chance I'll reply to it! But please, don't feel offended if I happen to forget about it ^^; I am not doing that on purpose, life just gets busy sometimes! But still know that even your comment means a lot <3

Thank you for your visit~
I hope to see you around more often :la:

Reference sheets for my characters:

Flare's Reference sheet by CuteFlare Mint - Reference sheet by CuteFlare Fernleaf REF by CuteFlare

Programs I use

:bulletgreen:PaintTool SAI - for drawing
:bulletyellow:Adobe Flash Professional CS6 - for Animating
:bulletgreen:HyperCam2 - for recording
:bulletyellow:Windows live Movie Maker - for editing
:bulletgreen:Audacity - for recording sound/voice, cutting music

Find me from

:bulletgreen:YouTube - CuteFlareon
:bulletyellow:Weasyl - CuteFlareon
:bulletyellow:Picarto: - CuteFlare
:bulletgreen:Facebook - CuteFlareon
:bulletgreen:Twitter - ChibiFlare - CuteFlareon
:bulletred:Livejournal - ChibiFlare
:bulletgreen:e-mail - |
:bulletyellow:Skype - CuteFlareonFanSkype (Public Skype that everyone can add)

Activity colors:

:bulletgreen: - Active
:bulletyellow: - So-so active
:bulletred: - Barely active

Gallery | Yellow folder | Path of Stars folder | Commissions | Animation Commissions | Planty Custom Commissions | Livestream journal | Tubestream journal

made by Teelia

~Progress on my Comics~

~My epic Cuties~


People I've met in real life


The Six Bros

Besties, who all mean the world to me

Other awesome friends of mine

Sorry if any of you is missing from this list; I'll add you right away when I remember you or consider that you have became a friend of mine!:3


~Groups that I'm in + the characters I roleplay there~

:bulletpink: - Female
:bulletblue: - Male


Petalstar | :bulletpink: | :bulletyellow:LindenClan:bulletyellow: | Leader
Rushstripe | :bulletpink: | :bulletyellow:LindenClan:bulletyellow: | Warrior
Fernflight | :bulletpink: | :bulletgreen:BirchClan:bulletgreen: | Medicine cat
Lavenderheart | :bulletpink: | :bulletgreen:BirchClan:bulletgreen: | Warrior
Mosscloud | :bulletpink: | :bulletblue:WillowClan:bulletblue: | Warrior
Fernpelt | :bulletpink: | :bulletred:PineClan:bulletred: | Warrior (Need to update their application)
Sunflower | :bulletpink: | BirchClan :bulletred:PineClan:bulletred: | Warrior




Two Semi-chibi commissions with Transparent background
For MagerBlutooth to pay!^^
Plushie Commission
for GardenKitty to pay!^^

~To-Do list~

Latest Update: 6th of August

Key to read the meanings of the bars: Animation | Art

Progress Bar - Finished by Oceannist - Needs finishing touches, soon done! | Adding some effects and soon completed! (90-100% completed)
Progress Bar - Shading by Oceannist - Doing backgrounds/markings | Shaded or working on the background (80% completed)
Progress Bar - Coloring by Oceannist - Done the basic linearting and colouring | Coloured or working on the background (60% completed)
Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist - Sketched the animation fully | Linearted (40% completed)
Progress Bar - Sketching by Oceannist - Done the Storyboard | Sketched (20% completed)
Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist - Haven't started (0% completed)


:bulletblack: - Transparent background
:bulletwhite: - Simple background
:bulletpurple: - Detailed background

:bulletred: - Sausage style
:bulletpink: - Chibi
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: - Semi Chibi
:bulletgreen: - Normal style
:bulletblue: - Anthro
:bulletyellow: - Cat realism

:bulletorange: - Other/Gift/Secret

$ - Paid via PayPal
:points: - Paid with Points
:star: - Speed Paint
:star-empty: - Private (= to be sent privately)




:bulletorange:AMV (= Animated Music Video)
:bulletred:MAP (= Multi Animator Project), Warriors
:bulletgreen:MAP (= Multi Animator Project), Original Characters
:bulletpurple:Commissioned AMV (= Animated Music Video)
:bulletblue:Commissioned (short) animation

$ - Paid via PayPal
:points: - Paid with Points


:bulletorange:Hector X Diana (Blazing Will of the Heart) AMV - Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist (fully sketched)

MAPs (=Multiple Animator Project parts):

:bulletred:Warrior Cats MAP ~ Election of 1800 part 10 - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Deadline: Trying to get this done during Fall)

:bulletred:Fursona (anthro) MAP ~ Hurry Hurry parts 4 & 5 - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Deadline: Somewhere in August)


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

:bulletorange: - Question
:bulletblue: - Answer

:bulletorange:What programs do you use for drawing?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:PaintTool SAI (Mainly)
:bulletblue:MS Paint 7 (time by time)

:bulletorange:Can I be your friend?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:I have became more...careful with this. Not everyone will get into my world that easily; Becoming friends doesn't happen in one night and I pretty much act the same to you as you act for me. So if you manage to confident me that you're worth as a friend material, I may start developing our 'upcoming friendship'.

:bulletorange:What do you use for colouring your traditional pictures?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Promarkers :meow:

:bulletorange:Are requests open?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:No, they are not open freely anymore. If you want a picture for sure, commission me one! But I won't accept requests, apart if I host a raffle or do few requests on either Livestream or

:bulletorange:Do you use tablet?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Yes, I do use tablet ^^

:bulletorange:What kind of Tablet do you use and is it good?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:I use Trust-marked tablet ^^
In my opinion it's very good tablet :D Since it's my first one... I can't say if any tablet-mark else is more worse or better ^^' so yeah

:bulletorange:Can I be in your videos?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:It depends on few things;
1st Are you good friend of mine, since I don't much like adding strangers into my videos xD''
2nd Do I have picture of you, which I have made by MYSELF
And why I don't use others pictures, the reason is way too simple; I want my videos to be as original and as own made as possible

:bulletorange:Can I make/do FanArt/Gift for you?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Ofcourse you can ^^ You don't even have to ask for so said "premission" to do that~ Every kind of FanArt/Gift goes perfectly for me!

:bulletorange:Can we roleplay?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Depends on few things:
1st, I don't do OC roleplays so much anymore. I only roleplay now through groups so if you wish to roleplay with me, join in one of the groups I am in!
2nd, If I have too many roleplays going on, I'll most likely deny your request xD'' But then again, try your luck a bit later!

:bulletorange:Can you join my Group?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:...Sorry I am very picky when it comes to groups since I don't want to overload myself with roleplays since drawing is still the main thing I do

:bulletorange:Could you be co-founder or contributor of my Group?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Please, don't send these requests for me ^^; I'll deny them pretty much right away.
The reason is the same as above + I am already admin of 8 groups... So I wouldn't like an extra load on my shoulders thank you.


If I brought temporally back commission(s) option(s) that I have had in the past, which one you guys would be the most interested in? 

82 deviants said "Mini Chibis" Ice as a Mini Chibi by CuteFlare
66 deviants said "Chubby Chibis" Chubby Chibis - Duskfall by CuteFlare
36 deviants said "Full-body icon" Commission - Blaze the Glaceon by CuteFlare
34 deviants said "Boxiness" Boxiness 19 by CuteFlare
11 deviants said "Element" Element - England by CuteFlare
No deviants said Something else, what? Link/say in the comments below!


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Hey Flare! You draw so cute and I live your art style! Can we be friends? :3
CuteFlare Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Student
Thank you very much! I am really glad to hear that~

But unfortunately I don't really become friends with anyone simply being asked to be one ^^; For me it is a slow process that can take from months to years
So if you really want to get to know me, feel free to start conversations or in general come and comment on my page!^^
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Ok ^^
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can commission you somehow
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